Muscle Activation Techniques considers the whole body in the evaluation process including the interrelationships of various joints
since abnormal mechanics in one joint may affect motion at another joint.  Tim’s evaluation revealed limited mobility in the right
side of his low back but even greater restriction in his right ankle.  (The restriction in his ankle was something of which he was
completely unaware having experienced absolutely no difficulty walking, running or playing the occasional game of tennis.)

After all the muscles supporting the ankle were tested, treated and retested, Tim’s right ankle had the same range of motion as
his left.  Once the dysfunction in the ankle had been addressed, the range of motion in the lower back was re-evaluated.  This
area was dramatically improved but not optimal.   All the muscles contributing to motion in this area were tested and treated until
the range of motion in the lower back was symmetrical side to side.  The goal of each session is to create this symmetry.
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