Susan C. Burbidge, Massachusetts’ first Muscle Activation Techniques Certified
Specialist has been a highly regarded fitness professional since 1991.  She is
currently a Staff Member for the American Academy Of Sports Dieticians &
Nutritionists and has been a Senior-Level Instructor for the National Academy of
Sports Medicine.  In addition to her MAT certification, Susan is among a small
number of fitness professionals, worldwide, to hold a Mastery level Resistance
Training Specialist Certification (RTSM).

Susan helped create an innovative HIV and Exercise Program for Blue Cross Blue
Shield and has been a panelist for Tufts New England Medical Center’s research
group focusing on HIV positive women.  Over the years, Susan has developed
occupational-specific exercise programs for The New England Eye Bank, has
worked as an Exercise Mechanics Consultant for New England Research Institute
and guest lecturer at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital’s Mind Body Program.  She
was featured on Chronicle, Boston’s WCVB-TV’s newsmagazine and WCVB Health
Beat.  She has been a guest speaker on WFNX and WBCN radio.

Susan continues to study Exercise Mechanics and the neuro-mechanical loop that
greatly influences human movement.  From her Jamaica Plain office, Susan uses
Muscle Activation Techniques and Progressive Exercise Mechanics to identify and
treat weak neural links followed by specific, strategically progressed exercises that
improve an individual’s ability to better tolerate the demands of their lifestyle.
Susan C. Burbidge RTSM, MATCS
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