Peter hurt his knee while playing baseball.  His cleat stuck firmly in the ground while his knee twisted causing significant pain and
some swelling.  An MRI that showed no damage to any part of his knee; recommendations included ice and rest.   Peter’s mother,
a client of mine, asked if MAT would be appropriate for her son.  (In point of fact, children respond exceptionally well to this
approach to injury recovery and prevention because they don’t have a lifetime of muscular dysfunction, compensation and injuries
to unravel and address.)

The initial evaluation revealed Peter’s left hip, knee and ankle were very limited compared to the joints on his right side.  Several
muscles were tested and treated, which resulted in a vast improvement in mobility and a significant decrease in swelling.  He was
then asked to perform a series specifically designed exercises based on his individual structure and muscular ability. Those
exercises, combined with a MAT evaluation every three months, have kept Peter injury-free.
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