Age: 37

PRIMARY COMPLAINT:  Recurring severe pain in the left knee and
foot (plantar fasciitis), discomfort in lower leg (shin splits) and
tightness in the hip.

DIAGNOSES/TREATMENTS:  ice, stretching, anti-inflammatory
medication, orthotics* but no change in exercise unless pain is so
intense exercise is not possible.

RESULTS ACTIVATION MECHANICS:  Nancy responded very well to
the treatment. Over a course of a year Nancy found that five and a
half miles was her limit; she is pain free and highly motivated to stay
that way.  She is on a ten week maintenance schedule and continues
to use the reinforcement exercises that change at each appointment.
Muscle Activation Techniques is a tool that establishes a baseline for
an individual, identifying a starting point.  From this point specific
exercises can be designed and implemented based on the body’s
weak links.  This unique approach to exercise, progresses the body
toward a goal in a way that anatomical limitations are respected,
allowing the body to adapt slowly and most importantly reducing the
risk for injury.  This is contrary to the fitness standard of subjecting
forces to the body without any idea of the condition of the neuro-
muscular-skeletal system.   Another way to consider this is: get in
shape to play a sport/activity vs. play a sport/activity to get in shape.

I have been driving my car for
twenty years with virtually no
maintenance; I’ve used it to move
everything from pianos to gravel
and it’s not performing like it used
to, so I’m going to drop it off with
you for an hour and when I come
back I expect it will be as good as it
was when I first drove it out of the
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