Eleanor had been in great health until she tripped and took a serious fall while hiking in the Blue Hills.  She was able to walk back
to her car but felt that there was something seriously wrong.  She went immediately to her doctor who sent her for an x-ray which
showed no damage. A week later, in even greater pain, she was sent for an MRI, which also revealed no structural damage.  She
had five Physical Therapy sessions and felt worse after each one nevertheless, she tried to remain as active as her pain would
allow which meant walking. Tennis, swimming and yoga all exacerbated the pain.  Ellenor had been in pain for three months when
a friend suggested she make an appointment with me.

Eleanor’s pain was in her right lower back and hip where she landed when she fell.  However, her joint range of motion exam
revealed she could not bend her spine to the left.   When she bent to the left in a standing position, her hand stayed exactly where
it was at mid-thigh level whereas when she was asked to bend to the right, her fingertips touched below her knee.  
The treatment process addressed the muscles involved in bending her upper body to the left. Due to the trauma of the fall they
were no longer able to support her spine and hip which created a reduction in mobility and a subsequent increase in muscle
tension.  (We depend on this internal protection mechanism to keep us out of positions of vulnerability, which would otherwise
result in additional injury.)
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