Ellen heard about me from the Health Beat segment of the CBS local news.

Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) focuses on identifying weaknesses in the communication system that occurs in the brain,
nervous system, muscle loop.  Once the weakness is identified, the specific muscle is treated and rechecked to make sure that it
can perform its job of supporting and controlling the joint it crosses.  The goal with Ellen was to address the muscular dysfunction
that existed separately or in conjunction with her orthopedic conditions and disease processes.  The question is, how many of
Ellen’s symptoms might be reduced or eliminated by restoring communication to the dysfunctional muscles?  In Ellen’s case there
were several areas to target: the musculature above and below the spinal fusion, the muscles that are constantly under tension
and the muscles that have little tension due to the spinal curvature of the scoliosis and the neck muscles that failed to generate
support after a series of whiplash accidents.  

The sessions consisted of Muscle Activation Techniques and a variety of exercises that incrementally and systematically
challenged her musculo-skeletal system.  The key to this process is making sure that the effort needed to perform the exercises is
the least amount necessary to stimulate positive change.
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