Brenna made an Activation Mechanics appointment shortly after her doctor advised her to start using her arm.  Unless her
shoulder was in neutral (with her arm hanging down by her side) she had very limited, painful movement.  After a physical trauma,
the joints associated with the broken bone are immobilized in order to prevent the muscles that attach to the bones from
contracting. (Those contractions would impede healing as the force generated would attempt to pull the bone apart).  As the bone
heals, muscles can resume their function and can actually help the healing process.   However, the period of immobility may
reduce the muscle’s ability to produce force thus reducing mobility and decreasing stability at the joint.  In Brenna’s case many of
her shoulder muscles were in need of activation.  By the end of the first session Brenna has almost full mobility in her shoulder with
slight pain at the very end of her range.  Each subsequent session increased her ability to move her arm with greater ease and
less pain.
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