For those of you who like definitions:

Activation Mechanics is a combination of
Muscle Activation Techniques (TM) and progressive exercise mechanics.  
MAT is a tool that identifies and corrects weaknesses in the communication system between the muscle and the brain,
thereby establishing a baseline from which exercise can start.  Progressive exercise mechanics designs and
implements exercises that consider an individual's anatomical idiosyncrasies, limits, tolerances, skill and ability and
progresses them appropriately toward their goal, reducing injuries and promoting long term joint health. (
Will my kids have their injuries longer than they have their trophies?
I'd like to get in shape but I've tried before and never stuck with it...
I've been getting stiff necks on and off ever since I was a child...
Everytime I sit in the car or airplane for more than an hour...
In spite of knee surgery I still have pain getting up from a chair...
My knee hurts when I do squats or use the leg press machine at the gym...

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